Past Presidents
The following individuals have served as presidents of SBI. Affiliations listed are those at the time of their presidencies.

1976-1977  Rudolph Kagerer, University of Georgia
1977-1978  Lowell M. Salter, University of North Florida
1978-1979  Winston D. Stahlecker, West Texas State University
1979-1980  K. Mark Weaver, University of Alabama
1980-1981  David H. Hovey, Jr., West Georgia State College
1981-1982  Richard D. Lorentz, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
1982-1983  Robert Brockhaus, Saint Louis University
1983-1984  Eugene L. O’Conner, California Poly State University
1984-1985  Paul Dunn, Northeast Louisiana University
1985-1986  Robert J. Kerber, Illinois State University
1986-1987  Jack E. Brothers, Calvin College
1987-1988  Harriet Stephenson, Seattle University
1988-1989  Joseph F. Singer, University of Missouri – Kansas City
1989-1990  Dewey E. Johnson, California State University, Fresno
1990-1991  Don B. Bradley III, University of Central Arkansas

1991-1992  Gwen F. Fontenot, Texas Woman’s University

1992-1993  Lynn Hoffman, University of Northern Colorado
1993-1994  Robert A. Kemp, Drake University
1994-1995  Joseph C. Latona, University of Akron/ Ashland University
1995-1996  John R. Kerr, Florida State University
1996-1997  Geralyn McClure Franklin, Stephen F. Austin State University
1997-1998  Charles H. Matthews, University of Cincinnati
1998-1999  Lloyd W. Fernald, Jr., University of Central Florida
1999-2000  J. Douglas Frazer, Millersville University
2000-2001  Joseph J. Geiger, University of Idaho
2001-2002  Roosevelt D. Butler, College of New Jersey
2002-2003  Sherrill R. Taylor, Texas Woman’s University
2003-2004  Abbas Nadim, University of New Haven
2004-2005  James N. Bradley, Central Washington University
2005-2006  Joseph R. Bell, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2006-2007  Shawn Carraher, Cameron University
2007-2008  Kirk Heriot, Columbus State University
2008-2009  Bruce Kemelgor, University of Louisville
2009-2010  Ron Cook, Rider University
2010-2011  Patti Wilber, Northwestern Oklahoma State University
2011-2012  Stephanie Bardwell, Christopher Newport University
2012-2013  Mike Harris, East Carolina University

2013-2014  Dianne H.B. Welsh, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

2014-2015  John Hendon, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

2015-2016  William McDowell, Middle Tennessee State University

2016-2017  Patrick Walker, Lindenwood University

2017-2018  John Batchelor, University of West Florida
Deborah Cours, California State University, Northridge  

2019-2020 Timothy Dunne, Boise State University   

2020-2021 Whitney Peake,  Western Kentucky University                                                                    



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